Our Mission 

In the midst of chaos I heard the whispers of spirit calling to me and encouraging me to step outside, to stand bare foot on the rich earth. I listened to my soul and the voices of my ancestors as they travelled on the wind and vibrated up from below my feet. I knew that I was here for a reason to accomplish more than I had and I decided to find my path.I had no idea what that path would be or where it would take me.

I know we often say that each person has a story. But I had never really understood how important and how healing it is to allow ourselves and others the opportunity to share it. To become the storyteller of the story that is our own journey, our life experience. Its empowering, inspiring and it is like finally our sprit wakes and we see our purpose and passion. 

Nature can speak to us, in the form of a mountain or the fluttering of birds wings. Everyday encounters with animal messengers, can take on new meanings, when we learn how to converse with nature, because everything has a story to tell. Some of my most intimate conversations have not even contained one spoken word.

 By creating Spirit Wakes Academy, it is my mission and my hope, to create an online school where people from all over the world can share a love of and connection to the natural world. By offering courses in how to connect to, observe and work with the natural seasons and cycles to create, to inspire and to transform ourselves into the person we wish to be. 

May your time with Spirit Wakes help you find your passion and purpose 

with love Laura xx

 Head Mistress 

Laura Bowen 

Laura Bowen is the Aboriginal Artist and Author behind the “Dreamtime Reading Cards” and the "Saltwater Reading cards"
Laura has a passion for the natural world, a love of shadows and magic and a natural flare for encouraging others to embrace their own creative style.
As Spirit Wakes Head Mistress,Laura is committed to creating tools and resources that help people develop a deeper connection to their intuitive,sub conscious and creative self.  Laura teaches nature and art based courses and  workshops that encourage a deeper connection to the world around us and the wisdom and insight it can offer you.