Our Course features-

  • Downloadable PDF course notes for each lesson

  • Weekly live SKYE chats with your instructor

  • Instructional videos and activity sheets

  • Online student chat forum

  • Work at your own pace through the content provided 

  • Heaps of suggested homework and activities to get you outside observing nature 

  • Weekly journal prompts that encourage you to connect with nature and your own intuition. 

If you would love to do a course but would prefer to spread you financial commitment over the year I also have the option of  12 monthly payments 

Payment Options for Single courses
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What are students saying about Laura's courses?

" The  Animal Messenger course has helped me learn about why I’ve connected to my local area and why it is so important to connect to the spirit of your immediate surroundings. I look at my backyard and local area in a whole new light now." (Karen)
"Once I started the Animal Messengers and Spirits of Nature course with Laura Bowen, I was captivated and fascinated so much it was hard to stop! The best thing I did for myself on my spiritual path. Having a 17 month old son and currently 8 months pregnant, I found myself  participating immensely in my nature study and I would include my little one which benefited both of us. Laura’s delivery of the content for the course coupled with her down to earth nature was also extremely inspiriting and motivational. Without a doubt I would recommend her course to everyone wishing to awaken their connection to nature and their surroundings." (Suzie)
" Laura Bowen Spirits of Place online course is well researched and presented in an effective platform, with both theory and video formats, which grow from lesson to lesson. Laura is very personable and shares her own experiences and process for the work.

Laura's personal experiences and knowledge shine through and prompt you to explore your own environment and the animals that surround you. As the lessons expand , so does your awareness particularly so with animal behaviours and insights they provide.

I would definitely recommend Laura's course for anyone looking to expand their consciousness.Learn about the spirits of the land surrounding them, our history and lessons from our animal brothers and sisters. " (Louise